After the 29th August 2019, you will no longer be able to claim any PPI money owed to you.

You have less than two months to submit a claim that could see you get the money that you are entitled to back. This Deadline has been imposed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Vast numbers of people were unaware that they were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) on credit cards, mortgages and loans, the amount could have added 20% to the costs over the life of your loan.

You may be able to claim, providing the PPI was operating within the past six years. This means you can claim on a mortgage that you took out in the 1990s providing you were still paying it back in 2013. The older the policy, the degree of success reduces, particularly if you no longer have the paperwork.

At Goldman Knightly, we have specialist trained solicitors who have successfully fought tens of thousands of cases for our clients.

With Goldman Knightley on your side, your lender will not be able to stall this claim and because we absorb the cost and only take a percentage when we win the case, and you receive your compensation - you are never exposed to any risk.

Why not start your PPI Check today

The process is very simple and comes with no obligation, complete the form on this page. We will get back to you within 24 hours to start the ball rolling.

What we will need from you if possible to complete a PPI check If at all possible, locate the relevant documents (letters, contracts, policies) about your loan, mortgage or credit card agreement. This tells us who your lenders were. You should copy them at a local copy centre and send Goldman Knightly the copies.

We send you authorisation document almost as soon as you contact us, we will send out our information pack so that you can sign and return to us; this provides us with the authority we need to start to recover the money owed to you. Without this signed document, we are unable to act on your behalf. Sit back and relax – you are in good hands

Our specialist solicitors are experts at this process. We will carry out the PPI check by contacting your lender or bank to establish if PPI was added to your agreement. Providing PPI was added, you have a valid claim, and we can reclaim any monies owed to you.

About the Goldman Knightly service

You will not be asked to pay any upfront fee; At this stage, your free PPI Check is exactly that, all work is carried at our cost and risk. Only when we have fought and won your case do we receive payment of XXX% of the total amount we recover on your behalf). If we are unsuccessful there are no costs to you; all costs are carried by Goldman Knightly Solicitors

Please remember any mis-sold PPI money is rightly yours, you are only getting your own money back – so why not start your PPI Check today

Call us now on 01204 563 533 for free, no obligation advice.

We can act for you in the vast majority of cases on a No Win No Fee Basis.

Frequently asked questions What is payment protection insurance?
Payment protection insurance was often wrongly sold with mortgages, credit cards, store cards and loans and was designed to provide cover in case of illness, redundancy or death. Most people were not even aware it was part of their deal. You only have up to the 29th August to make a PPI mis-selling claim.
I don’t know whether I have been mis-sold PPI or not?

This was an incredibly widely used insurance vehicle that was attached to loans, car finance, credit cards and mortgages, often without the client being aware. The problem for many consumers who were self-employed or had medical conditions was that the sales staff never explained the product correctly, and as a result, the insurance did not cover them. When the insurance was activated, at the time of redundancy or illness, it did not pay out.

The extent of the commission payments was also an issue. In some instances, policies paid out 50% commission that most customers were unaware of.

I was advised PPI would improve my chances of getting a loan?
This was a way of applying pressure on a client to take out PPI, when PPI may not have been appropriate for you. If this happened to you, then this is a form of mis-selling, and you will have a claim.
What is the typical PPI claim worth?
A typical PPI claim could return over £2,000 depending on what the original financial product was.
What will I need to make a claim?
If you no longer have the policies see if you can find any paperwork relating to the original loan, credit card, or mortgage application - that would be ideal. Whatever you have got makes the process so much easier. If you can find anything, please provide us with the name of the lender and the approximate dates.
What timeframe does a claim take?
You only have until the 29th August to action your claim, after that date, you will have missed your opportunity, so start now, and we may have a successful claim in a matter of months. There are several factors that can influence how quickly we can bring a successful claim. In cases where the financial adviser has stopped trading, your case is put before the Financial Services Compensation Scheme; this can take between three and six months. Delays of up to six months can occur if the advisors decide to defend the case and it finds its way to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
How does Goldman Knightly get paid?
As mentioned earlier, should we take your case, we do not charge any upfront fees. All the costs are dealt with by Goldman Knightly. Only when your case is successful, will we charge you a percentage of your compensation. Our typical fee is 37% + VAT to cover all our costs.



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